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Return of the Leather Daddy

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The Wild One

The Wild One

At this weekend’s Much Music Video Awards, Rihanna performed in a look that is currently leading the pack on the eTalk viewer poll.  I guess that means that Leather Daddy Chic is back in style.

The last time this gay porn staple became ingrained in pop culture was during the early 80s when über cool Depeche Mode released their video for Master and Servant.  Sure, the look had been seen elsewhere (in the dark alleys of San Francisco, for instance), but it didn’t really resonate with the public until a couple of years later.  The mid-80s were harder and tougher than the earliest part of the decade.  Fashion was returning to the streets of the 50s.  Madonna was rolling on the ground in thrift shop crinolines and other second-hand underwear while the tough boys were channeling Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

At this point, the look was inspired by nostalgia.  It was a slick, modern update of an iconic image.  But things have changed since 1984.  Gay pride parades have become a mainstream tourist attraction in major cities.  People of various sexual persuasions line the streets to gawk at other people dressed up in the most ridiculous costumes.  Amongst those marching in today’s parades are gangs of hairy, leather-clad men, wearing assless chaps and bondage collars.  And the crowning glory of their look is always the leather daddy hat.

So I’m sort of surprised to see the hats returning.  I don’t mind when fashion treads too far into camp — I prefer it, in fact.  I’m just not sure if the people who are currently admiring the look (and voting for the look on the eTalk online poll) realize that the look comes prepackaged with some rather hilarious history.  Unless they’re going to wear it with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, the joke is on them.

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June 17, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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