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Update: FASHION Magazine’s Reporter Search

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Jennifer Campbell, the Online Editor of FASHION Magazine, sent me an update on the site’s Reporter Search.

The contest got a great response and had lots of fantastic entries. I was thrilled to see how creative, fun and stylish everyone is. After many, many discussions we have finally narrowed all the entries down to our 20 finalists. All will be revealed on July 8th when voting begins. We’ve found great bloggers from coast to coast and we’re very excited to see who our readers choose for the 10 winning spots.

I’m very excited to see who they’ve chosen, too!

On another note, I must mention how wonderful it is to have such a great team running FASHION.  My previous experience with the magazine had been quite frustrating.  Like many freelance journalists, I send out pitches to various publications in order to sell my work.  Because fashion commentary is a rather time-sensitive subject, I depend upon the editorial staff of magazines to reply to my queries in a timely manner.  Under it’s previous regime, the only pitch I ever made to FASHION earned a response about six months after I sent it.

I’ve worked for Glenda Bailey and Anna Wintour.  I’ve got a resumé that would make most other freelancers turn green with envy.  I’m Auntie Fashion, for Zob’s sake!  I didn’t bust my hump in this business to be treated like that.  And even if I wasn’t an old pro, I still would expect a reply within a reasonable amount of time.  Six months was completely unreasonable.

Now it seems as if the staff of FASHION have taken editor-in-chief Ceri Marsh’s etiquette expertise to heart.  They’ve been lovely to deal with since she took over the reigns at the magazine.  I send them an email, and I get a friendly, professional reply.  Even better, they all seem to be happy to talk to me.  I guess that’s what happens when there’s always a fresh box of white zinfandel in the fridge of the lunch room.


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June 24, 2008 at 4:26 pm

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