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Antifashion Week

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Tase T. Lentil

Since every city on the planet has a Fashion Week (except Moose Jaw — and I’m working on that), I’ve decided that it would be appropriate to name the third week in August Antifashion Week.

Antifashion Week will be celebrated by billions of people worldwide as they eschew the designs of the Evil AntiZob a.k.a. Marc Jacobs.  Although individuals are encouraged to express themselves in a manner which defines their own sense of style during Antifashion Week, participating in group activities is also recommended.

Why not build a beachside bonfire with your friends and fuel the flames with fake Louis Vuitton bags and copies of InStyle?  Or instead of going “from daytime to evening” with your makeup, why don’t you show up at work on Monday morning gussied up like a Las Vegas cocktail waitress on New Year’s Eve?  Perhaps you could plan to spend the weekend at the National Lentil Festival — quite possibly the most unglamorous civic pride event I’ve ever heard about.

Whatever you do, just try to have a good time.  With the 2009 fashion shows looming on the horizon, it could be a lot of fun to forget about the stupidity of the fashion world for a while.  Sure, there are going to be some great shows out there, but there are also going to be plenty of Rachel Bilsons and Steven Cojocarus and Adrian Mainellas and Rachel Zoes and Kimora Lees to deal with.  Antifashion Week is the calm before the storm.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

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July 9, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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