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“Like paying a parking ticket.”

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The Happy Couple

My idol and mentor Simon Doonan is getting married to design star Jonathan Adler!  Unlike the Evil AntiZob, who was the subject of the previous post, Simon has admitted his intentions to The Cut.  Comparing the ceremony to paying a parking ticket, he’s requested that no gifts be purchased to celebrate the event.  “We have enough tchotchkes at home for one lifetime.”  Well, what about a gift card to Red Lobster?  I’d feel terrible arriving to the event empty-handed!

I’m thrilled for the happy couple — Doodler, as I like to call them.  The nickname is sort of like Bennifer or Brangelina, only without any of the horrible connotations that those other couples bring to mind, since they’re the loveliest, most-charming pair of guys on the face of the planet.

I sent a message to Simon the moment I found out, and he responded a moment later with a typical “THANKS LUV!”  I’m always amazed by how well-mannered a few celebrities are.  Even some stars who won’t talk to anyone make their publicists call and thank you for your interest.  Joan RiversDame Edna and Heather Locklear, for example, have all declined to be interviewed by me, yet all three have had very polite publicists call to let me know that they wouldn’t be available.

Good manners go a long way with me.  Fashion and manners aren’t really that different.  Sending a nice thank-you note is like wearing your thong inside your pants: It’s just the right thing to do.

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July 27, 2008 at 8:01 pm

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