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Why W, Why?

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A couple of posts back I praised Harper’s Bazaar for having a sense of humor.  They may possibly be getting back to what they’ve always done best: Being the trusted voice of smart, sophisticated people who know style better than anyone else.  Bravo!

Meanwhile, W, the magazine that pushed Bazaar to the sidelines by doing Bazaar better than Bazaar has come out with this ridiculous cover knock-off of Patrick Demarchelier’s 1994 iconic image of the hauntingly beautiful Nadja Auermann, starring Kate Hudson no less.

Fashionologie summed up the incident perfectly: “Of all the months to choose, wouldn’t the big September issue be one you’d want to get creative with?”

No kidding.  I may have given W a pass if this was a thirty-year-old image that no one remembers, but I can still remember the gasp I let out the first time I saw that gorgeous photo.  I might have let them off the hook if they recreated something iconic such as Steven Meisel’s famous Vogue UK cover from 1990 with a relevant twist (like replacing Linda, Christy, Naomi, Tatjana and Cindy with plus-size models).  But they didn’t do anything clever.  They just stuck Kate Hudson in front of the camera and knocked off the shot.  Big deal.

Meanwhile, Bazaar had the last laugh by allowing cover girl Tyra Banks to live out her fantasies while being photographed as the First Lady.  Not only that, they put a black girl on the cover of the year’s biggest issue — what a few editors who shall remain nameless would call a risk.  Good for them!  I hope their sales go through the roof.

As for W, I guess I’ll look inside before I pass judgement.  Zob would never judge a book by its cover, and I shouldn’t either.

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August 9, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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