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Interesting Facts about Fashion Television

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Jeanne Beker

It’s no secret that I adore Fashion Television.  I’ve blogged about it on several occasions.  I’ve even invited Mary Kitchen onto my Moose Jaw Motorhome of Style, an honor akin to receiving a lifetime achievement Oscar or the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yet the folks at the FT offices don’t seem to be too interested in what I have to say about them.  Despite my praise, they continue to ignore your sweet, old Auntie Fashion.

I would take it personally, but I know how the game works in Toronto.  There are only so many jobs and so many paycheques to go around, so people act like spraying tomcats, urinating on anything and everything in order to defend their turf.  Still, that’s no reason to dismiss me.  They need to understand that I’m not a threat to them.  I’m bigger than fashion.  Their musky stench doesn’t scare me.

Anyway, until I start to get a little love from Fashion Television, I’m going to start making up rumors about them.  Feel free to spread them around.

Did you know that Glenn Baxter is a five-time Canadian clog dancing champion?

Did you know that Mary Kitchen actually won Fashion File Host Hunt, but was disqualified when the producers discovered that her alleged voice loss during the competition was caused by surgery to remove her adam’s apple?

Did you know that Jeanne Beker’s favorite designer is Marc Bouwer?

Ouch!  That last one hurts!


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August 16, 2008 at 4:09 pm

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