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Rachel Roy

New York Fashion Week is about to begin day four, and I still haven’t seen anything that’s knocked me out.  Before the heavyweights take the stage, there are usually plenty of minor shows that get my blood pumping.  That hasn’t happened yet.

However, I have seen one show that’s got me fighting-mad.  I absolutely hated Rachel Roy’s collection.  In the name of all that’s Zobly, what is that model wearing in the photo I posted?  Marc Jacobs himself couldn’t make a pretty girl look uglier, and that’s saying something!

The rest of the show was disjointed and weird, with no cohesion and styling choices that will have buyers scratching their heads.  It’s too bad.  I can actually look at Roy’s work and see that she possesses some genuine talent.  She’s just incapable of putting together a collection.  What she needs is a business partner who is willing to dole out some tough love.  Otherwise, she’s going to be down for the count before she even lands her first punch.

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September 7, 2008 at 3:18 pm

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