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One Month To Go!

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I stumbled upon a great gallery of the “ugliest” bridesmaid dresses on the People magazine website.  While I don’t agree that every dress is ugly, I can understand why many of these photos are so laughable in today’s day and age.  Still, you never know where fashion is going to go.  What’s ugly today could be defined as “classic” tomorrow — it happens!  It happens the other way, too.  I remember a time in the 80s when I admired Joan Collins because she was so classy.  No, I’m not kidding . . .

Anyway, seeing these dresses did give me a great idea.  Say you have gown in your closet like one of the lovely Holly Hobby polyester numbers in the photo above.  Say you work at Mr. Lube or in the lumber department of Home Depot.  Do you really want to be the one girl at your place of employment who isn’t participating in Wear a Gown to Work Day?  Of course not!

Don’t let that old bridesmaid dress hang in your closet for one more day.  Pull it out and put it on!  Remember that it’s not the dress that makes you glamorous.  Glamour is a state of mind!  So what if you get a big blotch of motor oil on your gown?  As Tyra Banks would say, you need to take that blotch and “make it fashion.”

You’ve got one month to get it together.  Don’t be the only girl in the lumberyard who isn’t wearing a gown.  Now that would be embarrassing!

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April 29, 2009 at 5:08 pm

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