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November 1990

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November 1990

Cover: November 1990

Context: Dances with Wolves premieres in theaters on November 21.  On November 27, Milli Vanilli admits to lip-synching its hits, ultimately leading to the revocation of their Grammy AwardMargaret Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on November 28, succeeded by John Major.  On November 29, the UN Security Council authorizes military intervention in Iraq if the nation does not withdraw its armed forces from Kuwait.

Points of Interest: According to the Fashion Model Directory, this was Shalom Harlow’s first cover.  The site also lists her hobbies as astronomy, scuba diving and tap dancing.  Take that, Coco Rocha!

What Tyra Would Say: “Just between you judges and me, I think I’m going to eliminate Shalom fifth in the competition for “resting on pretty”, just to shock the fans.  Y’all know that’s how I like to roll.”

What Auntie Fashion Says:Flare” wouldn’t feature the soon-to-be supermodel on its cover until February 1991.  Score!

Grade: A+.


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