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The Scorecard

I just discovered the most wonderful thing to hit the Internet since my own dating profile on  “T Magazine” has a terrific feature on their website called “The Scorecard.”  It’s basically just a roundup of quotes from runway reviews, but it puts the shows into perspective for someone like me who tries to review them before I know what anyone else has to say about them.

Take Stella McCartney’s show, for example.  I got a distinct utilitarian vibe from the show that took me back to 1986.  I didn’t see that in any other reviews, and it made me believe that I’m onto something.  I can’t imagine that a world reared on the garish decade that just passed will suddenly fall for Raf Simons‘ version of minimalism or Phoebe Philo’s spare sportswear.  But I can get behind utilitarian chic.  Remember, the same era that spawned Club Monaco and made the GAP into retail’s biggest powerhouse also defined the late 80s.  The era wasn’t all excess, all the time.  I got that vibe at Stella McCartney, even from her tablecloth citrus prints and her simple yet sexy suiting.

Anyway, “The Scorecard” makes me realize that I don’t have the same reference points as my fellow critics, and that makes me happy to continue to write these reviews, even if I sometimes feel as if I’m lingering in oblivion while everyone else has all the fun.  I guess I don’t have bags under my eyes from four weeks of back-to-back fashion shows in four countries, either.  I should be thankful for the little things . . .

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October 6, 2010 at 5:50 pm

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