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November 1999

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Cover: November 1999

Context: On November 6, Australians defeat a referendum to replace the Queen and Governor General with a President to make Australia a republic.  International Men’s Day is suggested to the UN by Mikhail Gorbachev on November 19.  It would be ten years before Canada would mark its first celebration of the observance.  Also on November 19, John Carpenter becomes the first worldwide winner of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”  “Smooth” by Santana featuring Rob Thomas spends the entire month atop the Billboard Hot 100.  It would go on to become the best-selling rock song in the history of the Billboard chart.

Points of Interest: In the history of “FASHION Magazine,” this would be the one and only time that the editorial staff had the confidence (or audacity) to block roughly 50% of the title.

What Tyra Would Say: “Today the girls did a spread featuring Chanel winter coats.  That’s also why they’re wearing those coats here at panel, even though it’s 120° in the studio.  Elodie has just been taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion, but here’s her best shot . . .”.

What Auntie Fashion Says: Graphically perfect with gorgeous styling and an unexpected color scheme for a winter issue, this cover is a winner in every respect.

Grade: A+.

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