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My Least-Favorite Things About Fashion in 2010

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In no particular order:

The Much-Hailed Astrology Shoot in British Vogue: A lovely layout that had NOTHING to do with astrology.  Click on the Cosmically Chic link to the right if you really want to read about fashion astrology.

Giles Deacon for Ungaro: There was nothing wrong with Deacon’s work, however, it didn’t do enough to reclaim the history of the house.  It wasn’t a failure, but rather an uncharacteristic misstep from a man whose work I usually worship.

Vogue ItaliaMeets America’s Next Top Model: Fashion’s most-overrated magazine was supposed to “elevate” ANTM.  Instead we got more of the same (not that I’m complaining about the show), just repackaged in a format that made Franca Sozzani appear more important than any other fashion magazine editor in the entire world.  She’s not, and the appearance of her low-rent office on the program should have made that abundantly clear.

Baptiste Giabiconi’s Music Video: Photogenic, yes.  Telegenic, no.

The Plus-Sized Model Controversy: Beautiful women who know how to model are a rarity.  We need to learn how to accept them on their own terms because looking at them is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Prada: I’m with Joan Rivers on this one, except that I believe Miuccia hates everyone, not just Americans.

Lanvin Mania: Shut up, already, about how wonderful Lanvin is all of a sudden.  It’s been wonderful for years.

Raf Simons: Zzzzzzzzzzz . . .

The Preferred Advertiser List Scandal atHarper’s Bazaar“: Yeah, we all knew it was happening, but you could have been more discreet, Glenda.

The Inane Backstage Banter at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: C’mon!  No one was watching the show to hear stage directions.

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December 30, 2010 at 7:21 pm

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