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A Tale of Two Weaves

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Last night’s episode of “America’s Next Model” began with a house visit from Tyra Banks and a few tears from a turban-wearing Molly.  Apparently, the weight of her hideous weave — weave number two, that is — was wearing on the aspiring model.  I can’t blame her.  In the history of the show, no contestant has ever been saddled with such an awful makeover.  If that was me, I’d be crying, too.

But Tyra made good on her promise to remove the seventeen pounds of highly-flammable acrylic troll doll hair, and Molly made good on her promise to bring the fierce to her photo shoot.  Meanwhile, Mikaela and Monique were resting on pretty or something like that and they ended up in the bottom two as a result.  Monique was sent home for not being fierce and edgy, while Mikaela got another chance to bring her dead eyes to life.  Alexandria also survived, despite appearing decades older than all the other contestants.  Even worse, she arrived at panel dressed like a forty-something woman who was styled by her sixteen-year-old daughter who works as a sales clerk at Forever 21.

Brittani and Kasia were called first and second.  I’m still not feeling Kasia.  Guest judge Sonia Dara mentioned that her eyes went straight to Kasia in the group shot that was being judged.  Well, no kidding!  Her head is twice the size of the other girls — how could it not dominate the shot?  And her downward-turned trout mouth is not attractive!  I was glad to see Brittani get a first call-out, though.  From the looks of next week’s preview, she’s going to be skating on thin ice after she runs from the judging room in tears after being confronted about confronting Alexandria on her non-stop bitchery.  I can’t wait!  We’ve barely seen any panel drama since Celia called Thalia out on her commitment to the competition way back in Cycle 12.

Ahh, the memories . . .

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