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UK Vogue

I’ve got to call out “Vogue Paris” on its latest publicity stunt.  The current controversy over a ten-year-old model made to look like a twenty-something vixen has been done so many times that it’s lost its meaning — to me, anyway.  For the rest of you who can’t remember what happened three days ago, never mind three decades ago, I guess you have the right to be offended.  I also have the right to tell you to wake the **** up and pay attention to the world around you so that you don’t make fools of yourselves by jumping on a bandwagon thirty years after it’s left the station.  Where were you when nothing was coming between Brooke Shields and her Calvins?  Where were you when a twelve-year-old Milla Jovovich appeared in her first “Vogue” editorial?  Where were you when Tom Ford smeared makeup all over a couple of kids in “Vogue Paris” just a year ago?

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, here’s Stella Tennant — one of the oldest broads in the fashion business — looking as gorgeous as ever in a “Vogue UK” editorial.  I’m constantly calling out “Vogue Italia” for its publicity stunts.  “Vogue Paris” gets its share of criticism from me, too.  But every time I seem to write something about their British counterpart, it’s because they’ve done something to impress me.  This editorial is as fresh as the day is long.

Well done, “Vogue UK” . . .


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August 8, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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