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November 2003

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Cover: November 2003

Context:Arrested Development” debuts of FOX on November 2.  On November 5, Gary Ridgway, the notorious Green River Killer, confesses to murdering forty-eight women in the Pacific Northwest.  The documentary “Tupac: Resurrection” premieres on November 14.  “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé featuring Sean Paul spends the entire month atop the Billboard Hot 100.  On November 18, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules anti-same-sex marriage laws unconstitutional in the state of Massachusetts.

Points of Interest: This is the first cover to feature the website address

What Tyra Would Say: “This week, we allowed the girls to choose their own photos.  Elisha chose this photo of herself that includes neither the shoes she was trying to sell nor the pool of blood the models were standing in.  Becky, on the other hand, chose a photo of just her feet.  So who stays and who goes . . . ?”

What Auntie Fashion Says: I’m giving this cover high marks simply for the headline “Natural Beauty: How to Fake It.”

Grade: A.


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