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April 2004

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Cover: April 2004

Context: Franz Ferdinand release their debut album in North America on April 20.  On the same day, Whoopi Goldberg’s sitcom “Whoopi” is cancelled after only one season.  Cosmetics industry legend Estée Lauder dies on April 24.  On April 28, Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse in Iraq is revealed on the television show “60 Minutes II.”  The last Oldsmobile rolls off the assembly line on April 29.  Lindsay Lohan’s breakout film, “Mean Girls,” premieres on April 30.

Points of Interest: This is the first gown with a five-figure price tag to appear on the cover of “FASHION.”

What Tyra Would Say: Liisa Winkler has been an integral part of the “FASHION brand and she helped turn this magazine into the household name it is today.  She has been an amazing asset to the magazine and will always be a part of the “FASHION” family.  We will continue to actively work with her on future projects — but she’s fired.”

What Auntie Fashion Says: That’s what a $10,000 dress looks like?

Grade: C.

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