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Viva Las Vegas

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Your old Auntie is off to sunny Las Vegas this afternoon!  While I’m definitely up for some rest and relaxation, I’m also excited to see the new Topshop in the Fashion Show mall.   I was just wondering where I could purchase a short, shiny purple skirt that makes my legs look like tree trunks.  Oh . . . never mind.

I shouldn’t be so catty!  Last time I was in Vegas I actually saw fewer gigantic people than I usually see there.  I know that Canadians are known for being overweight, but Americans really take the cake.  Not only do they take the cake, but they take the cake and then eat the whole thing, then they go back to the buffet for seconds.

Speaking of buffets, cramming my face full at the breakfast buffet might just be my favorite thing about going to Las Vegas.  It may be a mistake to eat my breakfast from a trough, but it’s a mistake I make every day when I’m in Sin City.  I suppose my behavior lends credence to that old saying “To err is human; to eat like a horse, equine.”

Anyway, I’ll be back in Canada on Thursday — hungover, broke and ten pounds heavier.  Don’t miss me too much!

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April 28, 2012 at 3:19 pm

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