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The Word That Won’t Go Away

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A couple of posts back I revisted my contempt for the word “effortless.”  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!  Of any cliche in the world of fashion, the one that bothers me the most is the idea that there is a heiress somewhere who slips out of bed after an all-night bender, picks up her $150, 000 Atelier Versace gown off the floor, ties her hair in a messy updo while having a cigarette and then takes her limousine to a red carpet event where she’s embraced by the paparazzi for embodying “effortless” chic.

Of course, it’s the cliche that won’t die because there are always enough people working in fashion who believe that a girl like that exists.  In the meantime, ninety-nine-percent of them are stylists who descend upon their clients in swarms in order to get them camera-ready for every envelope opening in Tinseltown.  If anyone should understand the stupidity of worshipping effortlessness, it’s them, especially if they want know-it-alls like me to take them seriously for the work they’re doing.

Anyway, just a moment ago I was clicking through a slideshow on “The Cut” entitled “122 Designers Share Their Spring 2013 Inspirations” (click the link above).  The article features a single word or phrase accompanied by an image that reflects the label’s upcoming presentation.  And what word did stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe aka BeelZoeBub™ use to describe her S/S 2013 collection?  “Effortless.”  No surprise there!

I can bad-mouth Marc Jacobs all day long, but lately this handmaiden of the Evil AntiZob just seems to be more evil to me than the demon himself.  Everything she does makes me feel as if fashion is the most wicked vocation the world has ever known.  Then someone else — someone with a soul — puts on a runway show that is so inspiring and so creative that it pulls me back toward the light and makes me realize that I’m not wasting my life by aspiring to remain relevant in this frivolous business.

I wonder who it’s going to be this season?  It would be nice if it was a designer who championed “effort” . . .

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August 29, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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