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Toronto Street Style?

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Toronto Fashion Week is in full swing and so is the coverage on, where I pinched this photo from the “Street Style” section of the blog.  What first struck me about the photos was the notion that no one seemed to be trying hard enough — exactly the opposite criticism that I had while offering commentary during the previous fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris.  So I said to myself “Don’t be a hypocrite, you two-faced old bag!” and I reviewed the photos again.  That’s when I realized that the ultimate goal of any fashionista who appears on a “Street Style” blog should be to impress me.  If I see your photo and that makes me want to be your friend, mission accomplished.  And it’s mission accomplished for this lovely lady!  Although I would prefer to see her in some non-whiskered jeans, everything else about her seems pretty cool.  I’m probably way off-base, though.  She’s probably stealing that bike . . .

The fun thing about clicking through these photos is that I know a few of the people who I’m choosing not to discuss because they’re kind of boring.  Of course, they’re probably asking each another who I think I am to be criticizing their looks.  Well, that’s easy to explain: I’m Auntie f***ing Fashion, and don’t you forget it!

Now run off and change your clothes for the cameras again or I won’t have anything to blog about!


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October 23, 2012 at 5:24 pm

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