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Several Unfair Judgments About the Big Brother Canada Cast: Part 3

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Ack!  It’s another Albertan.  At first I felt bad for those people from Saskatchewan who are all over the “Big Brother CanadaFacebook page, posting condemnations of the producers for not casting the show like a beauty pageant with equal geographic representation from all regions of Canada.  Then I realized that having Moose Jaw in your province is reward enough.  What more can you want?

Anyway, Talla is wearing a fur vest.  Last May I was shopping at the Premium Outlets of Las Vegas.  It seemed as if every store in the mall had blowout prices on fur vests.  With winter over, the once-trendy fur vest had hit rock bottom.  So I guess I need to applaud Talla for having the courage to wear a garment that is so out of style.  It’s as if she’s saying “I’m so out, I’m in again!”, or “Look at me — I’m from Saskatchewan!”

As they say in the south (or at least south of Regina), “Bless her heart.”


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February 24, 2013 at 2:24 pm

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