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The Pawn Goes Home

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On this week’s “Big Brother Canada,” Danielle offered herself up as a pawn after Gary won the Veto.  Of course, as is the custom in the “Big Brother” universe, Danielle was eliminated on last night’s episode.

I was starting to enjoy Danielle’s diary room segments.  She was funny and I can understand why she was cast in the first place.  I’m having a difficult time understanding why a few others made it past the first round of casting.  And it seems as if I’m not the only one.  The program’s Facebook page and my favorite fan forum, “Television without Pity,” are rife with comments claiming from serial fans of the franchise who finding it difficult to root for anyone on the show.

It’s a problem.  I can lose interest in my beloved reality shows when there’s no one left to like.  It happened last season on “Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.”  I didn’t even watch the finale.  I sort of felt the same way with both seasons of the US version of “Big Brother” that featured Britney.  Who was I going to root for instead?  Frank?  Enzo?  Gimme a break!

Hopefully, the cast is going to turn it around, but as it stands, I’m addicted to a show without a star.  None of these people are making me choose a side, and I don’t watch these shows for the schadenfreude; I’m not that kind of person.  Give me an underdog, like Janelle, or even a challenge monster/villain like Rachel.  At least they’re going to make it enjoyable to watch the leading alliance eat itself alive.

I don’t want this to sound like sour grapes because everyone knows how much I wanted to be cast on this show, but this cast is nothing without someone like me.  Let’s hope that the outliers of this current nine-person alliance turn this game on its head soon.  Otherwise, watching a core alliance composed of nothing but smug douchebags is going to grow tired very quickly.


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March 8, 2013 at 2:40 pm

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