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Last night’s action-packed episode of “Big Brother Canada” still has me reeling!  Topaz won Head of Household on Thursday’s show and the live feeds have been down ever since.  The reason?  After winning, she was asked to go to the HOH room where Arisa Cox told her that she would have five minutes to choose two house guests to face elimination.  Unbeknownst to Topaz, the other house guests were gathered in the living room watching her deliberate out loud.  She confessed that Andrew was her target, revealed that the house would prefer to evict Talla, and speculated that it was too early to break up Jillian and Emmett. Essentially, she gave up her whole game.

Afterwards, she joined the rest of the contestants downstairs where an instant eviction occurred.  AJ was sent packing when Alec, Peter, Jillian and Emmett voted to keep him over Andrew.  Gary and Talla threw their votes Andrew’s way.

Alec subsequently got on the wrong side of Topaz by revealing that he had his own agenda when he voted to keep Andrew.  He attempted to suck up to her, but it didn’t work.  Loudmouthed Peter also revealed a little more about his character when he called Topaz an “idiot” and a “moron” for thinking out loud in the HOH room, although there was no precedent for this sort of “twist” in the history of the American version of the show; no HOH has ever had their interview with the host shared with the rest of the cast.

A new HOH competition began the next day, and Andrew beat three-time runner-up Talla in a tiebreaker to become the new Head of Household.  He was also asked to name four Have-Nots, and he chose Emmett (who was in possession of a Slop Pass), Peter (who volunteered because he believes that he’s the offspring of Ian and Dan from last year’s US BB), Topaz and Gary.  Gary’s freak-out after being put on slop will likely go down in history as the single most ridiculous moment of “Big Brother Canada.”  It was embarrassing to watch.

So my girl got screwed!  I’d probably be happy if this “Chevrolet Power Shift” benefited a player who I liked, so I won’t cry about it.  Andrew nominated Topaz and Gary, and Gary might walk out the door instead of Topaz.  If I was playing, I’d be afraid that another twist could benefit him.  Canada voted to keep Suzette (one of Gary’s allies) in the game a few episodes back.  I wouldn’t keep him in the game just to see if he was popular with the fans in the event that Canada got the opportunity to vote again.  That would be foolish.

Nevertheless, this episode was illuminating: it gave me a different perspective on some of the players in the game.  So, as is the custom, here are my rankings of the remaining house guests from first to worst:

Topaz: I like her.  She’s aware of her surroundings and she targeted someone who considered her to be a threat.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t given the chance to ensure that her target went home.   Some people get lucky breaks; others, not so much.  Hopefully, she can scramble and get off the block or ensure that Gary goes home before she does.

Jillian: Jillian’s ability to stay off the block while remaining in the most-obvious showmance in the house has been admirable.  AJ revealed to Arisa that she’s his pick to win.  I’m getting those vibes, too.

Emmett: He’s not making enemies and he’s not playing a scummy game.  Good for him.

Talla: I love an underdog.  I hope that she gets an HOH win just to mess up the game.

Andrew: He’s playing now, but he’s been playing a fifth-wheel game with Peter/Alec and Emmett/Jillian since the beginning.  At least it’s a strategy and at least he’s trying to win competitions.

Gary: Just as I was beginning to like him, his slop freak-out made me want to punch him in the face.  He stumbled into Rachel Reilly territory with that performance.

Alec: He is a lowlife scumbag.  If he’s concerned about his reputation off the show being impacted by someone catching a glimpse of his penis, he should also be concerned about what he’s going to look like for his diary room confessions where he admits to using Topaz.  What’s worse for someone’s reputation?  Being a guy with a penis (like every other guy on the planet), or being a guy who would go on a reality show and brag about how he used a woman to get closer to the cash prize.  F*** you, Alec!

Peter: Peter is an obnoxious do-nothing who believes that posing no threat can win him the game.  If it does, all of the jurors who vote for him will deserve their fate.  I want to see him get to the final three just to see the prize snatched away from him at the last minute.


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