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Peter & Topaz

Peter & Topaz

Last night’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” was a little too cruel for my tastes.  A torturous Head of Household endurance competition was followed up by a Have/Have Not challenge that saw not one, but two players vomiting from participating in the challenge.

I don’t watch TV to watch people vomit.  What’s worse is that I already saw Talla vomit on a previous episode. So I’ve seen three of the seven remaining house guests throwing up.  On the bright side, there are only four to go!

In other nauseating news, Peter admitted that he has an eating disorder.  He called it a “serious food aversion,” but I’ll tell it like it is (as many of my least-favorite reality TV show stars would say).  When you can’t eat anything besides five particular foods that do not provide the proper nutrient balance for sustaining robust health, then you have an eating disorder.  The guy threw up on national TV because he ate some vegetables!  This wasn’t “Survivor” and he wasn’t chewing on beetle grubs!

I already knew that something was wrong with him because of his gaunt appearance.  He has thighs the width of my calves.  He has no fat around his cheeks and mouth, and that’s usually one of the last places for people to lose fat when they’ve crossed the line from just-plain-skinny to just-plain-sick.  I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1986 and I’ve seen some sick people as a result.  However, I’m more accustomed to being in close proximity to exercise addicts, and at least they appear to have blood pumping through their veins.  I don’t even get that from Peter.  He looks terrible to me.

Oh well!  I’m sure I’ll get a couple of comments (that I’ll delete) telling me that I’m an insensitive jerk for not feeling compassionate towards him.  But he’s a twenty-seven-year-old man who knows he has a problem.  In that case, he needs to deal with his problem.  It’s going to kill him otherwise.  Enough said!

Otherwise, the episode was sort of fun.  Alec is about to receive his comeuppance for not trusting Topaz and playing the game as if he was the smartest person in the house.  He left Andrew in the game and now Andrew’s alliance is going to send him out the door!  I’ll be standing up and applauding if that’s what happens during Thursday’s upcoming episode.

In more speculative news, when Gary left the house this past Thursday, he didn’t get goodbye videos from the other house guests.  Does that mean he’s coming back?  Hmmm . . .


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