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Stupid, stupid, stupid . . .

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The Shield

The Shield

Last night’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” was a mixed blessing.  Crummy Alec, the second-worst player of the season so far, got the boot when the remaining house guests voted him out 3-1.  Of course, the sole vote to keep him in the house was from Peter, the other half of the crummiest alliance ever: The Shield.

What bothers me so much about these guys is their smug belief that they are “Big Brother” masterminds. Alec made the second-worst move of the entire season when he failed to vote out Andrew during Topaz’s HOH reign.  Andrew promptly scrambled and formed the East Coast Alliance — the group that has been running the game ever since.  Alec even admitted that this was his biggest mistake when he was interviewed by Arisa Cox on last night’s live show.

Yet the biggest mistake of the season was yet to come.  Emmett won the subsequent HOH in the double eviction episode.  He put Topaz back up on the block beside obvious pawn Talla.  Peter then won the Veto, which he declined to use on Topaz.  Now that was stupid!  Topaz went home!

For a guy who likes to pretend how much he likes everyone while calling them all idiots behind their backs, Peter is as stupid as they come.  Topaz was his only chance at an alliance in the house.  No matter what happened if he took her off the block, the East Coast Alliance would have lost one of their own.  Then both him and Topaz could have played in the subsequent HOH competition with a fifty/fifty chance of turning the house on it’s head.

Peter claimed that he was avenging Liza when he voted out Topaz.  Who the hell cares about avenging anyone in this game?  Play your own game and get to the end — that’s all there is to it!  He’s stupid, stupid, stupid!

Anyway, this is still Emmett’s game to lose.  He’s making Jillian do his dirty work for him while pretending not to notice that she’s gained twenty pounds around her waist while she’s been in the house.  What a swell guy!  Nobody else deserves this.  For someone who was targeted during the first elimination, he’s been playing brilliantly ever since.  If any of these nincompoops had any game, he would have been out a month ago.  Just hand him the cheque, Canada!


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April 12, 2013 at 1:18 pm

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  1. Surely we have to leave a little bit of space in the “Stupid Moves by The Shield” list for Alec throwing the F7 veto, no? As the target, he should have won, and it would have been much easier for him to get votes to save Peter than it proved to be the other way around. (“You wanted to get rid of me, but I’m staying…and I’ll be a lot easier to deal with if Pete is here to talk sense to me, I’m just saying. Besides, I know you hate Topaz, anyway.”)

    I love Liza and hate Topaz, but even I think Peter’s non-veto was a stupid move. Save Topaz, save Talla with your votes (thereby perhaps winning back her loyalty with Andrew gone) and it might be 3-on-1 in the egg-coop HoH. And since this is the first HoH that Jillian (presumably) can’t talk people into dropping out of, she might lose, and then the long-delayed-and-much-desired “Jemmett” nominations would finally happen.

    As it is, though, who knows. (I’m spoiler-free.) Probably Andrew won and put Talla and Peter up. Sigh.

    (PS-Topaz, just because you told Jillian that Liza was calling Jillian homophobic [because Jill doesn’t mind getting boned on national TV, but got squicked by Liza’s bisexuality], and Jillian actually is a homophobe and thus got all offended [I have no idea if Topaz was lying —I never saw any such comments from Liza—but it certainly worked], that doesn’t actually make you girls BFF. Jillian being fertile ground for your anti-Liza smear campaign doesn’t actually mean she likes you…as you have now found out. [Hey, just because I think Peter was an idiot to evict Topaz, that doesn’t mean I didn’t stop and smell the schadenfreude, I’m just saying.])


    April 13, 2013 at 7:31 am

    • So what you’re saying is that you’re a fan?

      Post Author

      April 13, 2013 at 11:53 am

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