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High Hopes and Low Expectations

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I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been watching too much TV.  Thankfully, “Big Brother Canada” ends in a week and I can stop devoting so much time to such a trivial pursuit.

Anyway, things in the BBC house have been interesting since Peter’s useless ass was evicted and Gary was voted back in by the fans of the show.  Emmett has final-two deals with everyone and still none of them have ever discussed what a big threat he is to take to the end.  Jillian also hasn’t landed on the block once because she’s either been Head of Household or in an alliance with the HOH.

And that makes me think of Andrew.  Andrew was so enamored with the idea of taking his East Coast Alliance to the end that he failed to realize that he had made a final-three deal with two people who had never been targeted.  He was constantly on the block and constantly dealing with the repercussions of his actions while his teammates took no heat at all.

Andrew should have flipped.  Peter should have flipped. Gary should have flipped.  Talla should have flipped. Every one of these players has allowed a power couple with the full support of the house guests to get to the end without ever asking themselves “Why is no one putting Emmett and Jillian on the block?”  Rule #1 in my “Big Brother” strategy book is to never support the supported players.  Even Rachel, the most-annoying BBUS house guest of all time has commented on this cast’s inexplicable denial of the threat right in front of their eyes.

At the moment, I’m rooting for Jillian because she’s done more dirty work to get to the final three and she hasn’t been disqualified from half of the competitions, either.  Emmett has played a great game, but his tantrums have rubbed me the wrong way.  Gary doesn’t stand a chance because he was voted back into the game and the jury will resent him for that.  Talla is my sentimental favorite because she’s from my hometown and I want to be her friend when this is all over, but the only way she can win is if a couple of her competitors are hospitalized before the finale.  Perhaps she’ll get lucky and Jillian will finally catch something from constantly licking her fingers while she’s preparing food.  If Emmett catches it from sticking his tongue down her throat, too, Talla might just stand a chance.  I’m hoping for the best but expecting much less!


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April 29, 2013 at 4:05 pm

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