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Divine Intervention

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This week’s finale of “Big Brother Canada” proved to be one of the greatest moments in reality TV history as a dimwitted mistake by Topaz resulted in a victory for Jillian.  Busy trying to look cute for the camera, Topaz voted for Jillian and against Gary, her strongest ally in the house.

I didn’t mind either outcome.  Gary played a smart game once he came back into the house, not only by winning the final HOH and evicting Emmett, but also by telling Jillian that the jury respected her game. They didn’t respect her game.  In fact, they were jealous, petty children who resented the fact that a proven liar like Jillian could continue to lie to them.  Not only did she manage to do that, but she also was able to stay off the nomination block for the entire season while playing harder than anyone in the house.  Still, all they could see was their own contempt toward the person who played them.  A big part of the game, however, is stacking the jury with people who won’t resent you when you do all the dirty work.  Jillian did fail in that respect.  Of course, that didn’t matter when Topaz made her egregious, game-changing error.  It was as if the reality show gods intervened and ensured her win.

Anyway, there were plenty of other stupid moments in the inaugural season of BBC.  For all of you hopefuls who plan to audition alongside your old Auntie Fashion for season two, here is my list of the top-ten dumbest things that happened in season one.  And please remember that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

#10: AJ’s casting — Why was this useless, non-gamer in the house?  Not only that, why did he make it into the jury, and what in the world was he talking about when he questioned Jillian during the finale?  If I didn’t already believe that he was the biggest casting failure of the season before the finale, his vote for Gary would have sealed the deal.

#9: Getting rid of Liza — Tom was already gone, neutralizing Liza for the most part.  The entire house then ganged up on her and wasted an eviction.  You don’t get rid of people with an axe to grind unless they’re planning on burying that axe in your back.  You get them on your side and let them do your dirty work.

#8: Alec’s competition “failures” — Throwing competitions to appear weak or to stay out of the drama only works if everyone believes that you can’t win.  You don’t hand it to the person standing next to you or give up at the last moment when you’re in the lead.  It makes you look suspicious.  It puts a target on your back.

#7: Alec’s shower scene — Sometimes it’s better to keep things to yourself rather than allow them to get blown out of proportion.

#6: Alec’s decision to vote out AJ — The beginning of the end for the “Shyld” (an honorable mention for that stupid spelling of Alec and Peter’s stupid alliance name).  It happened when Alec decided that pulling one over on Topaz was smarter than getting rid of Andrew, a player who possessed both game and social skills.

#5: Production letting Gary back into the house — I would have no problem with this if Gary had not had the opportunity to interact with his fellow jurors.  It provided him with an advantage that was without precedent in the US version of “Big Brother.”  I like to “expect the unexpected.”  I don’t like to expect the unfair.

#4: Not providing Topaz with an advantage after her game was ruined by Production — Topaz should have received an advantage later in the game after her game was exposed in an interview that was broadcast through the house.  Twists in the game should always be double-edged swords like Pandora’s Box.

#3: Emmett dumping Talla at the final four — She was such a threat, right?

#2: Peter not taking Topaz off the block when he won the Veto — Peter was the most useless player in the game aside from AJ.  What’s worse, when he finally possessed power, he didn’t use it.  Was he jealous that Topaz was the one who was kissing Alec?  I think so.

#1: Topaz’s vote — I still like Topaz because she did have some game.  She really made some bad alliances, though.  Yet her vote in the finale is certainly the dumbest — and most-thrilling! — thing I’ve ever seen happen on a reality show.  When she’s finished giving her head a shake, I’ll be waiting to shake her hand.


What did you think of this debut season?  Leave me a note in the comments section.


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