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Whatever Happened to Kim Noorda?

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Kim Noorda

Kim Noorda

Looking back on my blog, you’ll find several posts where I praise the beauty of Kim Noorda.  A few years back, she was the Arizona Muse of her time: the one girl in the business who was pretty enough to be a model but not unusual enough to be the model.  The fashion-types who turn these mannequins into superstars can be rather dismissive of such conventional beauty.  Nevertheless, when you’re good, you’re good, and you’re always going to get jobs.  As I write this, Arizona Muse is #3 on the list of the top-fifty models at, right between high-fashion giraffe Karlie Kloss and androgynous anomaly Saskia de Brauw.

Anyway, more than three years ago, Noorda made headlines as she chronicled her struggles with her weight for “Vogue.”   She was still walking almost every major runway and appearing in plenty of ads and editorials. Then, after she walked in the Spring 2011 Couture show for Jean Paul Gaultier, she virtually disappeared.

I don’t know what happened to her.  Did she quit modeling to go to school?  Did she leave to have a baby? Was it something to do with her health?  Her profile is still up on the DNA Model Management website, so I don’t believe that there’s a tragic end to this story, but I’d still like to know what happened to Noorda.  I miss her.  There can never be enough pretty girls in the world, right?


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June 10, 2013 at 5:02 pm

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