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The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Here’s a photo of the the British royals from the Queen’s Birthday Parade.  It was reported to be Capricorn Kate’s final public appearance before the birth of her baby.

I can’t blame Kate for stepping out of the spotlight for a while because I’d probably do the same thing.  As the second most-famous Capricorn woman in the world (behind me, of course), Kate is prudent enough to realize that carrying around a baby in the heat of summer is hard enough work without getting dolled-up for the paparazzi.  And as the second-most famous Capricorn woman in England (behind Sarah Mower, of course), Kate knows that the British media wouldn’t hesitate to publish photos of her looking enormous with accompanying captions that read “Kate Waddleton.”

I’m all for discretion: it’s the Capricorn way!  That’s why I’m excited to see Jupiter move into Cancer in about ten days.  My astrologer tells me that it’s going to be an ideal time for someone like me to enter into collaborative ventures and new partnerships.  Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else’s name besides your own in the credits.  I would never be so discrete as to use a pseudonym or to hide behind a fake identity, but I would welcome the idea of seeing my name as the second half of a hyphenated title, like Proenza-Crudsworth, or as fifty-percent of an exciting new pop duo, like Milli Prunelli.

Anyway, I’ll be open to suggestions starting June 26, 2013.  Interested parties may inquire within.


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June 16, 2013 at 3:53 pm

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