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The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model


After what seems like an eternity, the best show in the history of television returns for another season in less than two weeks!

Cycle 20 of “America’s Next Top Model” premieres on August 2.  This is great news for your old Auntie because I feel as if I’ve had nothing to blog about lately.  To be honest, fashion is sort of boring me.  I’d like to say that it’s my fault, but that would be a lie.  You’re all to blame.

For instance, just last week I bought the most unique Liberty Print shirt.  The week before that I purchased these terrific Calvin Klein loafers in a color that can only be described as “indescribable.”  And then yesterday, while I was planning my regular autumn junket to Las Vegas, I found a wallet that I’m going to buy at Bottega Veneta.  See — it’s not me.  It’s you!

The problem with fashion is that there is just too much of it.  There are too many fashion shows, too many fashion magazines, too many fashion designers, too many fashion critics, etc.  The same problem happened with “America’s Next Top Model.”  I can hardly believe that there have been nineteen women who have been awarded the title.  It seems like only yesterday when industry legends Saleisha Stowers and Jaslene Gonzales weren’t even household names yet.

Tyra Banks took a step back after last season, though, and cut the annual production of the show down to a single season.  Perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder and ANTM will regain some favor with the fans it has lost over the past couple of years.  Or maybe it will continue its downward spiral into oblivion like so many spent weave tracts clogging up the drains of the ANTM house.  In either case, it’s been a good run. But as a wise philosopher once said, “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”  That’s fashion for you.

At any rate, I’m thrilled to have ANTM back on my TV screen.  I’m thrilled to have something else to blog about.  All you boring people aren’t making this easy for me.


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July 20, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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