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After what seemed like an eternity, “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Guys and Girls” premiered last night.  Tyra — don’t ever make me wait that long again!

Anyway, it was a pretty typical casting special where sob stories seemed to set up the elimination order for entire cycle.  I’m not even going to discuss the girls because I don’t believe that one of them will win. However, I will discuss the chances of the three men who will compete for the title.

First of all there’s Phil, who I believe is the one to beat.  He’s got the nicest nose I’ve ever seen and he looks like he just walked off a Comme des Garçons runway.  He’s sort of naive, though.  He actually claimed that models don’t look like him with his ratty beard — has he watched a menswear show in the last two years?

Next there’s Chris H., who has already been set up to be Phil’s arch rival.  Chris has a few things wrong with his face, but those are the sort of things that actually translate well to film; he is exceptionally photogenic. His story about overcoming a terrible upbringing is going to make him Tyra’s pet project this season.  His “permanent smize” is going to take him to the finale.  The editing has already set it up.

But there’s Mike, too, who is sort of a wild card.  Tyra hand picked the guy from obscurity.  If he can actually learn on his feet, he could go all the way to the end.  He’s got a more-commercial look that would bode well with the judges if they hadn’t picked a commercial winner during Cycle 19.  Furthermore, Tyra’s other pet-project, the transgendered contestant Virgg, dropped out because her hormone regimen was getting the best of her.

Now everyone knows how terrible I am at picking the winners on this show because I just can’t wrap my head around Tyra Banks’ perplexing, somewhat arbitrary logic, but I believe that two of these guys will comprise the top three.  For good measure, I’ll throw one girl in the mix, too.  The one who looks like Beverly Johnson should go far, maybe even far enough that I’ll bother to learn her name.

What do you think?

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