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Leather Shorts Trend Dominates ANTM

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The Guy who Gets a Weave


Okay, that headline may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did spot at least two pairs of leather shorts on “America’s Next Top Model” this week.  I guess I was wrong when I spent an entire month making fun of the fad when it hit the runways during the F/W 2013 menswear shows.  If Tyra believes it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen!

Anyway, Phil and Jeremy were the lucky guys who got to wear the leather shorts as they posed like kitty cats at Alessandra Ambrosio’s feet.  Both of the aspiring models were savaged at the judging panel for this photo, and I really couldn’t understand the critiques.  Phil is engaging the viewer and I like the way his arm is coming forward.  Jeremy, however, looks as if he was interrupted during his push-ups.  Their scores weren’t very different, though.  Several other models took horrible photos and were awarded with glowing praise, including Cory whose go-to shot seems to be an intense smize/nostril flare, and Mike who was given a tongue bath for finally moving a muscle in his face.  It was all sort of weird.

The makeovers happened after the photo shoot, too, which was a strange turn of events; no one was able to work their new look in front of the cameras.  I was surprised by a few of the styling choices.  I didn’t like Alexandra at all, but she looks great with brown hair.  Phil’s Jesus-weave suits him, too, but I believe that anything would look good on him because he LOOKS LIKE A MODEL.  Cory looked good with a stubbly buzz-cut, but then they shaved his melon until he looked like a third-rate Furonda impersonator.  And poor plus-sized Chlea got a wig sewn to her head that reminded me of something Coco Montrese would wear.  I did want to see what she was going to do with all that hair, but the girl was sent packing faster than you could say “Alyssa Edwards.”

It looks as if were back to business-as-usual next week with a spinning runway that could possibly kill a model or two.  I hope so!  Between the arbitrary scoring and the format change, this was one of the least enjoyable makeover episodes of ANTM that I’ve ever seen.  If there was one element of the show that these morons in production needed to leave alone . . .


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