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Send in the Clowns

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The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown


Forget it — they’re here!

On this week’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls,” poor Jeremy was sent home for not being able to model.  The guy was actually starting to grow on me, not because he was a good model, but because he actually has some charisma.  He reminds me of Benjamin McKenzie of “Southland” and “The O.C.”  He needs to take some acting lessons in order to discover if he has any talent in that discipline.

Kanani was also sent home after a bad photo shoot where she was haunted by the memories of an evil clown doll planted in her bed by the guys in the competition.  Of course, those memories came flooding back when she stared into the faces of the judging panel while they awarded arbitrary scores as if they were drawing numbers from a fishbowl.

In other news, Don impressed this old bird with a beauty shot that was actually quite beautiful.  Phil took a bad photo that put him in the bottom three (although the picture made me believe that if that’s his worst photo, he has nothing to worry about).  Other highlights included a crazy photographer named Franco Lacosta who was straight off the “Zoolander” set, and a special guest appearance of the old background set from the “Larry King Show.”  Oh, and a terrible challenge where the models performed “random acts of modeling,” which is currently being defined as driving a tractor in eveningwear — what else?

Next week: Chris keeps bringing the crazy!  I kind of want him to win now.  I’ve actually seen him during the New York menswear shows and he’s the real deal, like Leila from last season.  Between him, Phil and Marvin, I don’t believe that there’s a chance in hell that a girl will win this cycle.  Of course, I’ve just jinxed them all.  Hand Jourdan the crown!

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