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The Guy Who Cries


I can barely even count the number of things that were wrong with this week’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model: Guys and Girls,” but let me try . . .

First of all, Phil was almost sent home.  Sure, he performed terribly during the fashion-knowledge quiz, but he took his $25 prize and showed up in a ridiculous outfit that only he could pull off because he’s a model who looks good in anything.  Meanwhile, the walking, talking, butt-of-the-joke Kelly Cutrone told him that he wasn’t taking the competition seriously.  It made me scratch my head because Phil could potentially be the Cara Delevigne of male modeling if he was given the opportunity.  Unfortunately, he’s on a TV program where everything is so screwed up that they let Leila Goldkuhl walk out the door twice last season.  Such scouting skills!  And let me add that the guy filming the video had framed Phil at an angle that made him look like he should be on the cover of “Men’s Health” while Johnny Wujek was complaining about the way Phil’s abdomen appeared.  It wasn’t the pose, genius — it was the camera angle.  Tell the model to turn thirty degrees counterclockwise and you’ll get what you want.

Next, the episode was filled with ridiculous drama between crybaby Marvin and awkward Chris.  Jourdan also jumped on the “I hate Chris” train, but as this season is beginning to prove, Jourdan hates everything. What’s worse is that I’m sensing a final two of Jourdan and Marvin.

Finally, the judging system is as stupid as ever, with some photos receiving marks as low as 5 while getting a 9 from another judge.

If there was one saving grace to the episode, it was that Tyra had a new project to promote: her fabulous art installation where she recreates the looks of all of the world’s most famous fashion models.  It was no “Shake Ya Body,” but it’ll do . . . for now.

Next week: more crying and more yelling!

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September 15, 2013 at 3:05 pm

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