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Spice Girls

Spice Girls

I was just pondering the future of fashion.  My astrologer has me convinced that fashion usually runs in about 21-year cycles (and that makes perfect sense considering the current Grunge ca. 1992 revival).  Kids seem to cherry-pick the best and worst trends from the previous era and modernize them accordingly.

But what happens in three years when we get to the time when it’s fashionable to resurrect 1995?  Man, mid-90s fashion was dull.  If you weren’t dressed like a cartoon character (see photo above) you were in a Jil Sander white shirt with Calvin Klein pants and a sensible shoe.  “Sex and the City” fabulousness didn’t become de rigueur until the latter half of the decade, and Tom Ford didn’t really get Gucci going until about the same time.

So what else did we have in 1995 besides “The Rachel” haircut made famous by Jennifer Aniston on “Friends“?  I wish that I could remember!  “Windows 95” didn’t come out until late summer of that year so I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t using a computer to look at runway slideshows on  “Fashion File” was around (and I suppose that’s where I got most of my fashion news), but no matter how hard I try I don’t remember Tim Blanks introducing me to anything profound during that time.

If anyone has any idea of where the trends are going, I’d like to know before I begin to invest in a new wardrobe of minimal separates.  Usually I’m the one telling you what to do.  This time I think I might need a little help.  Still, I’m going to prepare for the worst — it’s just what I do.


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October 17, 2013 at 3:40 pm

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