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Forty Fads I’d Like to See Again

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Home Perm

Home Perm

Well, it’s that time of year again when mediocre journalists have nothing to do but compose lists of things while they count down the final few days on the calendar.  I’m not sure why it’s human nature to categorize and organize things in this fashion, but once I’ve compiled enough reasons, I’ll publish a list of those things right here on my blog.

But I digress!  To wrap up 2013, I’m going to list the “Forty Fads I’d Like to See Again,” starting with the fabulous home perm.  I remember these things stinking up the kitchen of my youth.  Of course, with my luxurious head of curly hair, I didn’t need to get one, but I was around to share the eye-watering, gag-inducing, noxious fumes of these delightful beauty treatments.

Although the trend peaked a few times, I remember the late seventies as the golden era of the home perm. Back then, it was even more fashionable to get a home perm and then follow it with a sassy wedge cut — who didn’t want to look like Donna Summer?  Then there was the spiral perm craze of the eighties when mermaid hair made the perfect accompaniment to a high-cut leotard and a braided headband from the Jackie Stallone collection.  Oh, how I miss those days!

Anyway, I’m ready for the home perm to make a major comeback.  It’s been too long!  To all those power players in the fashion business who live and die by the words they read on this blog, for the love of Zob go forth and make it happen!


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November 23, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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