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London Menswear: A Few More Words

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Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold

Words cannot express how pleased I was with the F/W 2014 London Menswear shows!  I’m just about to dive into Milan, but I have a feeling that no other city is going to be able to one-up London this season.

Three shows in particular stood out for me because they made me want to get into stores to see the clothes up close and in person.  The only other outcome better than that is when I put down some cold, hard cash to buy the clothes I see on a runway.  Forget all the nice words, all the cultural relevance, all the so-called “art of fashion,” if no one is going to drop a dime on these garments, what was the point?

And that takes me to Diesel Black Gold, as seen in the photo above.  That’s one terrific rock star look!   It’s too bad that’s who is going to wear it: whatever member of One Direction gets it given to them for free.  It looks like Balmain’s bastard cousin.  Maybe it’ll generate some interest in the label, but it won’t pay the bills if it doesn’t sell, sell, sell.

But I digress!  Back to my three favorite shows.  I loved Casely-Hayford for its strong tailoring and odd details.  I loved E. Tautz for its dandy presentation that will still manage to have major hanger-appeal when it makes it to retail.  And I loved KTZ because Marjan Pejoski virtually slapped Rick Owens across the face and screamed “THIS IS HOW YOU PUT ON A FASHION SHOW!”  And that came from the guy who made Bjork’s swan dress.

London, you never fail to surprise me!


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January 11, 2014 at 5:14 pm

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