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Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter

A friend just asked me if it was common to see only the largest sizes left over at the end of a long sale.  I asked why, and he pointed out that almost everything left over at the Mr. Porter 80% clearance sale was in XL sizes or larger.  So I went to the site and clicked on this swimsuit randomly, and there was just one left. Not only was it large; it was XXXL.  A little more snooping around the site confirmed his observations.  There were a lot of big deals on big sizes.

The reason I find this so interesting is because I normally hear about how difficult it is for large people to find designer clothing.  It’s funny to me that all the best deals in menswear seem to be in the larger sizes.  I don’t know if this is typical of other retailers, but maybe it is.  It’s something I’m going to pay attention to in the future, just so I can tell big people to shut up when they say they can’t find anything to wear.  The only people who have that problem are the people who haven’t bothered to explore their options.

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January 27, 2014 at 5:00 pm

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