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The Heart Truth

The Heart Truth

I don’t read a lot of fashion blogs.  To be perfectly honest, I’m a snob and I don’t really care what most other bloggers are writing about.  I do, however, read The Cut every day where I’ve become familiar with the work of the Fug Girls.  While I’ve never been particularly intrigued by their columns, I’ve never been offended enough by something they’ve written to dismiss them entirely — until now, that is.

In their New York Fashion Week roundup, they awarded The Heart Truth runway presentation the title of “Worst Show.”  What is the point of including a charity fashion show on the short list for this distinction in the first place?  So what if the designers didn’t produce “the highest of high fashion“?  The Heart Truth should be able to send a dozen Z-list celebrities down the runway in burlap sacks without receiving criticism for its contributions to Fashion Week.

A couple of days ago, Drake tweeted a temper tantrum for being bumped from the cover of “Rolling Stone” in favor of a tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman, yet this is still the tackiest thing I’ve read all week.  I don’t care if it put you to sleep.  Show some f***ing class, write a check to the American Heart Association and think twice next time before you publish a post.


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February 15, 2014 at 4:43 pm

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