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More Unfair Judgments About the Big Brother Canada Cast: Part One

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Meet Adel, the first cast member of the “Big Brother Canada Season 2” cast.  He’s actually only first on the BBC page because the contestants are listed in alphabetical order, but he’s probably last on my list of favorite contestants already — and I haven’t even read the other contestant’s biographies yet!  I should like him more than I do, yet when asked to describe himself in three words, Adel answered “The. People’s. Champ.”  You know what your old Auntie thinks people who punctuate their sentences like that should do? Go. Fuck. Themselves.

But I digress!  Adel is a twenty-five-year-old welder from my hometown, Edmonton.  I really didn’t learn anything about him from reading his bio except that he believes that he could beat the perennially lame Peter Brown in any competition.  I suppose I should give him a little credit for that.  It’s something, right?

Pros: Won’t spend a lot of time in the mirror fixing his hair.

Cons: Admittedly illiterate; cites Tom Plant as his “Big Brother” idol.

First Impression Grade: D+.


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