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A Second Look at the Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast

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I made some seriously-flawed snap judgments of the “Big Brother CanadaSeason 2 cast a few days ago. Of course, surface evaluations like that are flawed in their nature; I’m no different from the cast members who enter the house and get “bad vibes” from their fellow contestants on the first night of the competition.

Nevertheless, I’ve learned a little more about the fourteen house guests, including Anick who I claimed I would probably hate more than anyone in the house.  She was flaky and self-isolating, as I predicted from reading her bio, but her fashion sense was delightful — much to my surprise!  I’m going to miss it, considering the alternative.  Neda, I’m looking at you and your f***ing statement necklace.

As for the rest of the cast, here’s my two cents — updated now that I’ve watched two episodes and a little of the live feeds.  There are a couple of spoilers below, so if you’re not interested in knowing a few things that won’t be shown until the Sunday night broadcast, it’s time to move on.

Adel: When I faulted him for citing Season 1’s Tom Plant as his BBC idol, I just thought he had bad taste. The guy is as dumb as a box of rocks.  Watching him discuss strategy with Paul and Kyle in the hammock made me want to take out my brain and run it through the dishwasher.

Andrew: My first impression of Andrew was terrific.  Watching the show, however, it seemed as if almost everyone hated his larger-than-life personality after spending only a few hours with him.  Yet after watching him win the Veto, take himself off the block, and then discovering that he’s not only the new HOH, but also in an alliance with Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina and Sarah, I’ve got high hopes for him.  He’s a beast!

Arlie: Of all the contestants, I hated Arlie the most from reading the cast bios.  I still don’t like him because he’s trying so hard to be lovable super fan/mastermind, but I have high hopes for his alliance.  I have a feeling that if the First Five alliance implodes, it will be because Arlie will try to play the game too hard.

Heather: I realized that I know Heather in real life.  She works at this low-budget modeling agency next door to one of the places where I work.   So far she seems to be as vacant as she looks.  I haven’t seen her doing anything of consequence on the feeds.  I suppose that Robyn Kass wanted her to be another Jordan, but Heather isn’t even that interesting.

Ika: Ika has already been targeted as “the pawn,” during Paul’s HOH reign, but she sort of deserved to be put in that position.  She seems to be disagreeable, easily-annoyed and easily-angered.  I don’t know if she’s going to turn into the “angry black woman” stereotype that Robyn Kass casts on these shows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.  Once again, the Kassting Kliché Kompany is operating just as I expected it would.

Jon: I thought that I would hate Jon more than I do.  He’s not so bad, after all.  Sure, he’s a pig, but so is everyone in the house.  It already appears as if it should be condemned.  At the moment, Jon appears to be the secret sixth member of the First Five alliance, and he’s either in the alliance of guys that I hate, as well as being in some sort of Newfie alliance.  I expect that he’ll stick around for a while.

Kenny: Kenny is already being touted as the one-to-beat in the house.  His alliance with Andrew is obvious (yet the First Five seems to still be a secret).  If he’s trying to put the target on Andrew’s back, it could be construed as a good move or it could be perceived as a completely transparent move.  Whether or not he gets near the block for a while is going to be determined by how much he divulges to the other house guests. He’s good at keeping secrets so far, and that bodes well for his game.  I still don’t like his ugly beard.

Kyle: Kyle actually has a decent vocabulary.  Ergo, he’s not dumb, so I have no idea why he’s playing dumb and teaming up with dummies.  Working with a nincompoop like Adel is a bad move.  I need to see more of his diary room sessions to figure him out.

Neda: There’s a five-person girl’s alliance that includes Neda, Ika, Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle.  I believe that Sarah and Sabrina are more committed to the First Five, but it puts them all in a good positions this early in the game.  As I mentioned before, I’m on the fence with this one.  That hasn’t changed because I haven’t really seen enough of her.

Paul: I don’t want to see forty-something house guests who don’t stand a chance in this game.  The Kassting Kliché Kompany has once again provided the viewers with a fat, old sack of crap who is only going to win challenges that are handed to him.  His HOH reign was obnoxious as the power went to his head.  Here’s a game tip for anyone who ever gets on this show: if you win the first HOH, either get rid of the most-annoying person in the house and declare that you’re a “team player,” or go all “Godfather” on the house and take out your competition.  Don’t try to do both.  It rubs everyone the wrong way.

Rachelle: She doesn’t seem to be doing much, but she’s in a good place with her girl’s alliance.  I believe I misjudged her completely.  She needs to worm her way into some of the other alliances and she’ll be in good shape.

Sabrina: She’s already in the best alliance, she’s already had a fight with Adel and she’s already proving to be polarizing with her fellow house guests.  I kind of love her so far!

Sarah: Along with Sabrina, she’s in a plum position.  She might have come across as boring in the beginning, but she’s watched the show and I appreciate the way she’s playing.  Plus, she hates Paul and I love her for that!

What do you think?  Leave me your impression in the comment section.


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