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Too Much, Too Soon

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Big Brother

After spending almost a week out of town, I’ve finally caught up on “Big Brother Canada.”  Words cannot express my delight when I discovered that Paul was eliminated from the show!  And the addition of Allison to house was a delightful surprise because I thought that we would be subjected to another season where an over-the-top man who likes to dress up as a woman ate the show alive.  Don’t get me wrong; “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is probably my favorite show on TV at the moment.  I just like my drag queens to be sharp and witty, not dim-witted and desperate.

Anyway, here is my weekly assessment of the players, from first to worst:

#1: Sarah — After sending home Paul and clearly exposing the divisions within the house, Sarah shored up her position by pulling Heather onto her side.  It was a smart move.  She’s in the top alliance and yet she has managed to keep the target off her back.  She’s doing almost as much dirty work as Sabrina, but by revealing her hand, she’s in place that is less likely to have her personally targeted by other players.  Unlike . . .

#2: Sabrina — . . . who is playing a little too hard for her own good.  I love what she’s doing right now by dictating the pace of the game, but it’s a dangerous strategy.  If she can ensure that her double-dealing nature is not exposed, then she might make it all the way to the end.  Otherwise, it’s too much, too soon.

#3: Arlie — Arlie is still the third-wheel in the First Five alliance, but that’s the position I would want to be in if I was playing the game.

#4: Kenny — Kenny’s likability may prove to be detrimental, but everyone is afraid to put him on the block. He’s well protected at the moment.

#5: Andrew — No one is going after Andrew and he already has a couple of challenge wins under his belt. Still, he’s an obvious target once the numbers begin to dwindle.

#6: Heather — Heather can be the pawn every week, but she’s the ideal contestant to drag along.

#7: Allison — The new girl could be an easy boot, but why lose someone who gives you the numbers?  I don’t believe that anyone in the First Five is dumb enough to get rid of her yet.

#8: Rachelle — Rachelle’s determination during the HOH challenge was admirable.  Her elimination target, however, isn’t a threat to her at all.  Yes, Ika is a formidable opponent because she’s won two challenges, but she should have got rid of Kenny or Andrew herself when she had the chance.  Asking Rachelle to do it is a desperate move.

#9: Ika — I can’t hate her because she put Paul on the block, but her real target was Heather.  Heather!  What a waste.  I hope that Ika can find a way to stay in the house because she’s more perceptive than a lot of the other contestants.  She’s scrappy enough to do it.

#10: Adel — Adel has somehow figured out most of the alliances in the house.  I’ll give him credit for that. His “win” in the fan-based vote had more to do with him being the underdog than anything else.  The audience always gives the underdog the edge on these shows.  At least it’s something.

#11: Neda — She’s not playing a bad game, but she’s on the wrong side of every important alliance.  She’s an easy boot for someone who doesn’t want to make a big move, and it would be an easy sell.

#12: Jon — Jon has made strategic alliances with everyone.  It’s bound to backfire on him very soon.  The next time the First Five is in power, he’ll be the target.

What do you think?  Leave me a note in the comments section.


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