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Big Brother

Big Brother

It was another fun week in the Big Brother Canada house.  After wasting her HOH going after Heather (a completely stupid move), Ika’s plan backfired and Paul was sent home (a totally terrific outcome).  Then Rachelle became the HOH and Ika began to lecture Rachelle about the importance of making BIG moves.  It was quite pathetic.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like-a Ika!  Still she has no one to blame but herself for her terrible game play.

Before she left, Ika shook up the house with a self-indulgent performance in the backyard where she shredded the other house guests’ letters from home, earning herself $5000 in the process.  She made the right move because there was nothing she could have done to stay in the game.  But the scene got really interesting when Andrew and Kenny acted like spoiled six-year-olds when Ika reentered the house. Canada, this current HOH, was watching and awarded Andrew, Kenny and their mouthpiece Sabrina the top-three spots as this week’s nominees (with more than 85% of the total vote, according to most fan-site polls).

I am not at all upset to see Andrew and Sabrina on the block (with Kenny as a potential nominee if the Veto is used).  Yet I am really getting tired of hearing the word “bully” used to describe anyone who is in power in this game.  You are not inherently a bully if you are in a position of power.  It doesn’t make you a bully because you use your power in this GAME to move forward in this GAME.  It makes you a player.  Ika was the only real bully we’ve seen this season because her attack on Heather was purely personal.  Once she realized that she was playing personally, she apologized to Heather.  Good for her for recognizing that she was in the wrong.

Andrew and Kenny have also been called bullies for screaming at Ika after she shredded the letters.  They weren’t bullies in that instance: they were assholes.  Sabrina has been playing a manipulative mind-game with almost everyone in the house, but what she’s doing isn’t bullying.  She’s stealing power from people who should be more powerful than her by being a cunning, two-faced rat (much like Andy in last season’s BBUS.)  You can’t be the bully when you aren’t the person in power.

It’s getting exhausting reading the comments on fan forums (and especially the BBCAN Facebook page) where the word “bully” is used to describe anyone who isn’t hanging onto the bottom rung of the ladder.  In the context of this game, those people are “winners.”  Please stop calling them “bullies.”

Now back to my regularly-scheduled weekly player rankings, from first to worst:

#1: Sarah — Even with the First Five about to implode, Sarah is in a good spot with a few side deals in place that should see that she’s protected for the next few weeks.  Plus, she actually competes in a manner that might save her when she needs to be saved.

#2: Arlie — Arlie is a classic overplayer/superfan/self-described mastermind who not only believes that he’s running the house, but also that his shtick is the most-compelling thing anyone has ever viewed on television.  I’d like to take this moment to tell him to go f*** himself.  Nevertheless, he’s in a good position.

#3: Sabrina — Sabrina’s lies have caught up with her.  Yet she’s in a good place to get dragged to the final two because no one would give her the money now, right?

#4: Allison — With Andrew as the likely boot this week, Allison is in need of an alliance.  She’s got options and at the moment no one is plotting her demise.

#5: Kenny — The other side of the house may believe that they’re neutering Kenny by getting rid of Andrew, but he’s very competitive and able to win competitions.  He hasn’t had to talk his way out of any trouble yet, and when that time comes, it’s likely that he will.

#6: Rachelle — Rachelle’s dullness makes her the last person anyone needs to get rid of at this point in the game.

#7: Heather — She’s a vote for someone else and maybe a good goat to drag to the end of the game.  That’s all.

#8: Adel — Adel is no hero.  He’s at the bottom of the pack every week because he aligns himself with the losers.  He needs to perform if he’s going to get any respect from someone who is actually rooting for the PLAYERS.  In my world, the underdog doesn’t get a free pass just for being the underdog.

#9: Neda — Neda hasn’t done anything of consequence so far.  She’ll be an easy boot for someone who doesn’t want blood on their hands during an upcoming HOH reign.

#10: Jon — Jon is aligned with everyone in the house.  It’s going to catch up with him.

#11: Andrew — Any other week, he still would have been near the top.  Canada put him in this position, but he’s only got his own hubris to blame.  Expect the unexpected!

What do you think?  Leave me a note in the comments section.


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