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Canada Ruins Everything

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Big Brother

Big Brother

I was really enjoying “Big Brother Canada” this season.  Right out of the gate, five strong players banded together to form an alliance to get out the weak players.  Everything was going well for them until Canada interfered by awarding Adel a special power which he began to use as leverage in the house.  Then Canada became the HOH and did what the rest of the losers in the house couldn’t do: they broke up the First Five alliance.

I really don’t mind the twists in this game.  I’m not sad to see Andrew go because he was sort of a grumpy jerk.  I am disturbed that Canada keeps siding with the underdogs when given the opportunity to participate in this game.  The reason some of these contestants are on the bottom of the totem pole is because they’re horrible players who do not deserve to be any higher on the totem pole.  Take Adel, for instance.  He’s not that bright, every second word out of his mouth is “fuck” and he hasn’t won a single competition.  Heather is just as bad.  I keep reading about how smart Heather is on the show’s Facebook page.  She’s not smart.  Stop telling me that she’s smart just because she actually won HOH and put some of her enemies on the block — does that deserve a Nobel Prize?  Her intelligence might be average at best.

This Outsiders alliance is beginning to remind me of the Friendship: the most odious alliance of scummy misfits this show has ever seen.  Jon is Maggie 2.0 and Arlie is double-dealing James, playing too many angles at once.  I’m really starting to hate this season.  Oh well — there’s a lot of time for things to turn around.  Where’s Janelle when we need her?

Anyway, here’s my weekly list of who is playing the best game, from first to worst:

#1: Sarah — Sarah will probably go up on the block very soon and be sent home shortly afterward.  She’s not only a threat because she’s good at the game, but because she’s a grown-up who understands that she’s playing a game.

#2: Allison — The people who voted Allison in have been very vocal about how she has been playing so far.  I honestly do not believe that she’s been playing badly.  She teamed up with the kingpin of the most powerful alliance, yet she kept her distance from the other power players in order to keep her options open. It’s working for her.  Also, unlike most players in the game, she’s willing to get her hands dirty, if you know what I mean.

#3: Arlie — Arlie is playing a good game by dividing the house, but it’s a dangerous game that gets you sent packing around the final five.  He’s reaching Peter Brown-levels of obnoxiousness in his diary room sessions, though, so I hope that he goes sooner rather than later.

#4: Kenny — Kenny can win competitions, and if he becomes HOH, he won’t waste any time getting strong players out of the game.

#5: Sabrina — Sabrina is a chaotic, emotional player, but she’s as loyal as they come.  She showed her hand to Rachelle on last night’s episode and made it clear that once she’s in, she’s all in.

#6: Jon — Jon is really gross, but he’s playing a decent game as the leader of the Outsiders.  If he can make it through this week’s double eviction, he’ll probably win.

#7: Heather — Even with an HOH under her belt, Heather is the least-threatening player in the game.

#8: Neda — Neda is a stealth bitch who wants to ride coattails and float to the end.  If Jon doesn’t go, the other side will target Neda in order to weaken him.

#9: Rachelle — Rachelle isn’t really doing anything to win.  For a moment I thought that she might be a competitor.  I was wrong.

#10: Adel — Adel is dumb, cocky, obnoxious on the live feeds and terrible at the game.  I’ll give him credit for lying about his secret power, but the only way he’s going to make it to the end is as a goat.

What do you think?  Leave me a message in the comments section.


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