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Canada Ruins Everything

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Big Brother

Big Brother

I was really enjoying “Big Brother Canada” this season.  Right out of the gate, five strong players banded together to form an alliance to get out the weak players.  Everything was going well for them until Canada interfered by awarding Adel a special power which he began to use as leverage in the house.  Then Canada became the HOH and did what the rest of the losers in the house couldn’t do: they broke up the First Five alliance.

I really don’t mind the twists in this game.  I’m not sad to see Andrew go because he was sort of a grumpy jerk.  I am disturbed that Canada keeps siding with the underdogs when given the opportunity to participate in this game.  The reason some of these contestants are on the bottom of the totem pole is because they’re horrible players who do not deserve to be any higher on the totem pole.  Take Adel, for instance.  He’s not that bright, every second word out of his mouth is “fuck” and he hasn’t won a single competition.  Heather is just as bad.  I keep reading about how smart Heather is on the show’s Facebook page.  She’s not smart.  Stop telling me that she’s smart just because she actually won HOH and put some of her enemies on the block — does that deserve a Nobel Prize?  Her intelligence might be average at best.

This Outsiders alliance is beginning to remind me of the Friendship: the most odious alliance of scummy misfits this show has ever seen.  Jon is Maggie 2.0 and Arlie is double-dealing James, playing too many angles at once.  I’m really starting to hate this season.  Oh well — there’s a lot of time for things to turn around.  Where’s Janelle when we need her?

Anyway, here’s my weekly list of who is playing the best game, from first to worst:

#1: Sarah — Sarah will probably go up on the block very soon and be sent home shortly afterward.  She’s not only a threat because she’s good at the game, but because she’s a grown-up who understands that she’s playing a game.

#2: Allison — The people who voted Allison in have been very vocal about how she has been playing so far.  I honestly do not believe that she’s been playing badly.  She teamed up with the kingpin of the most powerful alliance, yet she kept her distance from the other power players in order to keep her options open. It’s working for her.  Also, unlike most players in the game, she’s willing to get her hands dirty, if you know what I mean.

#3: Arlie — Arlie is playing a good game by dividing the house, but it’s a dangerous game that gets you sent packing around the final five.  He’s reaching Peter Brown-levels of obnoxiousness in his diary room sessions, though, so I hope that he goes sooner rather than later.

#4: Kenny — Kenny can win competitions, and if he becomes HOH, he won’t waste any time getting strong players out of the game.

#5: Sabrina — Sabrina is a chaotic, emotional player, but she’s as loyal as they come.  She showed her hand to Rachelle on last night’s episode and made it clear that once she’s in, she’s all in.

#6: Jon — Jon is really gross, but he’s playing a decent game as the leader of the Outsiders.  If he can make it through this week’s double eviction, he’ll probably win.

#7: Heather — Even with an HOH under her belt, Heather is the least-threatening player in the game.

#8: Neda — Neda is a stealth bitch who wants to ride coattails and float to the end.  If Jon doesn’t go, the other side will target Neda in order to weaken him.

#9: Rachelle — Rachelle isn’t really doing anything to win.  For a moment I thought that she might be a competitor.  I was wrong.

#10: Adel — Adel is dumb, cocky, obnoxious on the live feeds and terrible at the game.  I’ll give him credit for lying about his secret power, but the only way he’s going to make it to the end is as a goat.

What do you think?  Leave me a message in the comments section.

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April 7, 2014 at 2:34 pm

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Bullies? Please . . .

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Big Brother

Big Brother

It was another fun week in the Big Brother Canada house.  After wasting her HOH going after Heather (a completely stupid move), Ika’s plan backfired and Paul was sent home (a totally terrific outcome).  Then Rachelle became the HOH and Ika began to lecture Rachelle about the importance of making BIG moves.  It was quite pathetic.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like-a Ika!  Still she has no one to blame but herself for her terrible game play.

Before she left, Ika shook up the house with a self-indulgent performance in the backyard where she shredded the other house guests’ letters from home, earning herself $5000 in the process.  She made the right move because there was nothing she could have done to stay in the game.  But the scene got really interesting when Andrew and Kenny acted like spoiled six-year-olds when Ika reentered the house. Canada, this current HOH, was watching and awarded Andrew, Kenny and their mouthpiece Sabrina the top-three spots as this week’s nominees (with more than 85% of the total vote, according to most fan-site polls).

I am not at all upset to see Andrew and Sabrina on the block (with Kenny as a potential nominee if the Veto is used).  Yet I am really getting tired of hearing the word “bully” used to describe anyone who is in power in this game.  You are not inherently a bully if you are in a position of power.  It doesn’t make you a bully because you use your power in this GAME to move forward in this GAME.  It makes you a player.  Ika was the only real bully we’ve seen this season because her attack on Heather was purely personal.  Once she realized that she was playing personally, she apologized to Heather.  Good for her for recognizing that she was in the wrong.

Andrew and Kenny have also been called bullies for screaming at Ika after she shredded the letters.  They weren’t bullies in that instance: they were assholes.  Sabrina has been playing a manipulative mind-game with almost everyone in the house, but what she’s doing isn’t bullying.  She’s stealing power from people who should be more powerful than her by being a cunning, two-faced rat (much like Andy in last season’s BBUS.)  You can’t be the bully when you aren’t the person in power.

It’s getting exhausting reading the comments on fan forums (and especially the BBCAN Facebook page) where the word “bully” is used to describe anyone who isn’t hanging onto the bottom rung of the ladder.  In the context of this game, those people are “winners.”  Please stop calling them “bullies.”

Now back to my regularly-scheduled weekly player rankings, from first to worst:

#1: Sarah — Even with the First Five about to implode, Sarah is in a good spot with a few side deals in place that should see that she’s protected for the next few weeks.  Plus, she actually competes in a manner that might save her when she needs to be saved.

#2: Arlie — Arlie is a classic overplayer/superfan/self-described mastermind who not only believes that he’s running the house, but also that his shtick is the most-compelling thing anyone has ever viewed on television.  I’d like to take this moment to tell him to go f*** himself.  Nevertheless, he’s in a good position.

#3: Sabrina — Sabrina’s lies have caught up with her.  Yet she’s in a good place to get dragged to the final two because no one would give her the money now, right?

#4: Allison — With Andrew as the likely boot this week, Allison is in need of an alliance.  She’s got options and at the moment no one is plotting her demise.

#5: Kenny — The other side of the house may believe that they’re neutering Kenny by getting rid of Andrew, but he’s very competitive and able to win competitions.  He hasn’t had to talk his way out of any trouble yet, and when that time comes, it’s likely that he will.

#6: Rachelle — Rachelle’s dullness makes her the last person anyone needs to get rid of at this point in the game.

#7: Heather — She’s a vote for someone else and maybe a good goat to drag to the end of the game.  That’s all.

#8: Adel — Adel is no hero.  He’s at the bottom of the pack every week because he aligns himself with the losers.  He needs to perform if he’s going to get any respect from someone who is actually rooting for the PLAYERS.  In my world, the underdog doesn’t get a free pass just for being the underdog.

#9: Neda — Neda hasn’t done anything of consequence so far.  She’ll be an easy boot for someone who doesn’t want blood on their hands during an upcoming HOH reign.

#10: Jon — Jon is aligned with everyone in the house.  It’s going to catch up with him.

#11: Andrew — Any other week, he still would have been near the top.  Canada put him in this position, but he’s only got his own hubris to blame.  Expect the unexpected!

What do you think?  Leave me a note in the comments section.

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March 31, 2014 at 2:34 pm

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Too Much, Too Soon

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Big Brother

After spending almost a week out of town, I’ve finally caught up on “Big Brother Canada.”  Words cannot express my delight when I discovered that Paul was eliminated from the show!  And the addition of Allison to house was a delightful surprise because I thought that we would be subjected to another season where an over-the-top man who likes to dress up as a woman ate the show alive.  Don’t get me wrong; “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is probably my favorite show on TV at the moment.  I just like my drag queens to be sharp and witty, not dim-witted and desperate.

Anyway, here is my weekly assessment of the players, from first to worst:

#1: Sarah — After sending home Paul and clearly exposing the divisions within the house, Sarah shored up her position by pulling Heather onto her side.  It was a smart move.  She’s in the top alliance and yet she has managed to keep the target off her back.  She’s doing almost as much dirty work as Sabrina, but by revealing her hand, she’s in place that is less likely to have her personally targeted by other players.  Unlike . . .

#2: Sabrina — . . . who is playing a little too hard for her own good.  I love what she’s doing right now by dictating the pace of the game, but it’s a dangerous strategy.  If she can ensure that her double-dealing nature is not exposed, then she might make it all the way to the end.  Otherwise, it’s too much, too soon.

#3: Arlie — Arlie is still the third-wheel in the First Five alliance, but that’s the position I would want to be in if I was playing the game.

#4: Kenny — Kenny’s likability may prove to be detrimental, but everyone is afraid to put him on the block. He’s well protected at the moment.

#5: Andrew — No one is going after Andrew and he already has a couple of challenge wins under his belt. Still, he’s an obvious target once the numbers begin to dwindle.

#6: Heather — Heather can be the pawn every week, but she’s the ideal contestant to drag along.

#7: Allison — The new girl could be an easy boot, but why lose someone who gives you the numbers?  I don’t believe that anyone in the First Five is dumb enough to get rid of her yet.

#8: Rachelle — Rachelle’s determination during the HOH challenge was admirable.  Her elimination target, however, isn’t a threat to her at all.  Yes, Ika is a formidable opponent because she’s won two challenges, but she should have got rid of Kenny or Andrew herself when she had the chance.  Asking Rachelle to do it is a desperate move.

#9: Ika — I can’t hate her because she put Paul on the block, but her real target was Heather.  Heather!  What a waste.  I hope that Ika can find a way to stay in the house because she’s more perceptive than a lot of the other contestants.  She’s scrappy enough to do it.

#10: Adel — Adel has somehow figured out most of the alliances in the house.  I’ll give him credit for that. His “win” in the fan-based vote had more to do with him being the underdog than anything else.  The audience always gives the underdog the edge on these shows.  At least it’s something.

#11: Neda — She’s not playing a bad game, but she’s on the wrong side of every important alliance.  She’s an easy boot for someone who doesn’t want to make a big move, and it would be an easy sell.

#12: Jon — Jon has made strategic alliances with everyone.  It’s bound to backfire on him very soon.  The next time the First Five is in power, he’ll be the target.

What do you think?  Leave me a note in the comments section.

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March 24, 2014 at 2:29 pm

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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Big Brother

Big Brother

Well, after finally getting my wish of seeing a contestant over the age of forty on “Big Brother Canada,” I’m seriously doubting ever asking the reality television gods for any more favors.  Paul has turned out to be a big, fat sack of crap.  After last night’s episode, I couldn’t hate the guy any more if I tried.

Anyway, as is the custom on this blog, I’m going to rank the thirteen players still in the game based upon their performance so far.  Keep in mind that I’ve already revoked several of my first impressions, yet I’m still going on very little information because every time I tune in to the “live” feeds, they’re down.

Nevertheless, from first to worst, here it goes:

#1: Kenny — Kenny isn’t just playing a good social game, but he’s won a Veto (which everyone knows even though the producers decided to make it a cliffhanger), he’s in a plum position in the First Five alliance, and he’s pulling his weight in a secondary alliance with Jon.  He gets extra points for his bromance with Andrew!

#2: Andrew — Andrew has already won two competitions and has himself firmly entrenched in the most promising first-day alliance I’ve ever seen on this show.  I didn’t believe that the Brigade could do it, but they did.  These guys have made me a believer from moment they walked into the house.  Andrew picks his teammates as well as he picks his nose.

#3: Arlie — I really don’t like Arlie, but he’s in a terrific place to be as the third person in a five-person alliance.  I am concerned that he might decide that he’s smarter than the rest of the First Five, getting himself voted out early in the process Matt Hoffman-style.  It’s the curse of the self-described super fan to think way too much.

#4: Sabrina — Sabrina seems to be causing drama and crying a lot, but she deserves some major credit for her behind-the-scenes work with the girl alliance.  Her and Sarah are playing the other girls like a fiddle. The only reason she’s ahead of Sarah on this list is that she’s sort of obnoxious and that makes her a better choice to take to the final two.

#5: Sarah — She has surprised me with her game play!  She’s smart and she has obviously watched the show before.  She earns bonus points for her antipathy towards the odious Paul, but she loses even more points when I look at her terribly-plucked eyebrows.  Who does that to themselves?

#6: Jon — If Jon can stay in the game without injuring himself, he’ll make it this far.  He’s too likable (according to the other house guests) to get much farther, but he’s not on anyone’s radar at the moment.  I wouldn’t care if he went out earlier, though.  I can’t look at his puffy, red eyes any longer.  What was wrong with him during last night’s episode?  Hopefully, only his charm is infective.

#7: Rachelle — Rachelle seems to be the smartest girl in the girl’s alliance, but unless she realizes that the First Five are together, her potential in this game is going to be wasted.  She’s a threat.

#8: Neda — Neda needs to step it up.  She’s got a good social game, but she’s trying to lay low.  At the moment, I can’t see her going very far.

#9: Heather — Even though she’s not really in any alliance, no one takes Heather seriously.  She’ll be gone soon.

#10: Ika — I like-a Ika!  Still, her days in the house are numbered.  Her ability to see through Paul’s bullshit is impeccable.  Maybe she’ll be the one who exposes the First Five before they’re unstoppable.  If she did that, she’d soar to the top of this list.

#11: Adel — Of all the house guests, Adel is receiving the most favorable edit.  Without the feeds, I wouldn’t even know that he’s a mentally unstable nincompoop.

#12: Kyle — I think Kyle is a great guy.  He’s nice, funny, charming and far more intelligent than anyone realizes.  He has a great vocabulary and a better command of idiomatic language than anyone else in the house.  His downfall is his alliance.  I wish I knew how he ended up on the other side of the house, but it seems to have happened before the feeds ever came on.

#13: Paul — Paul is the most disgusting, loathsome asshole I’ve seen on “Big Brother” in years.  He’s bat shit crazy, too, if he believes that anyone in Canada is buying his make-it-up-as-I-go strategy as a master plan to win the competition.  Watching him compete for the Veto last night was embarrassing.  Robyn Kass needs to slap herself upside the head for casting yet another forty-something loser on this show.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments section.

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A Second Look at the Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast

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I made some seriously-flawed snap judgments of the “Big Brother CanadaSeason 2 cast a few days ago. Of course, surface evaluations like that are flawed in their nature; I’m no different from the cast members who enter the house and get “bad vibes” from their fellow contestants on the first night of the competition.

Nevertheless, I’ve learned a little more about the fourteen house guests, including Anick who I claimed I would probably hate more than anyone in the house.  She was flaky and self-isolating, as I predicted from reading her bio, but her fashion sense was delightful — much to my surprise!  I’m going to miss it, considering the alternative.  Neda, I’m looking at you and your f***ing statement necklace.

As for the rest of the cast, here’s my two cents — updated now that I’ve watched two episodes and a little of the live feeds.  There are a couple of spoilers below, so if you’re not interested in knowing a few things that won’t be shown until the Sunday night broadcast, it’s time to move on.

Adel: When I faulted him for citing Season 1’s Tom Plant as his BBC idol, I just thought he had bad taste. The guy is as dumb as a box of rocks.  Watching him discuss strategy with Paul and Kyle in the hammock made me want to take out my brain and run it through the dishwasher.

Andrew: My first impression of Andrew was terrific.  Watching the show, however, it seemed as if almost everyone hated his larger-than-life personality after spending only a few hours with him.  Yet after watching him win the Veto, take himself off the block, and then discovering that he’s not only the new HOH, but also in an alliance with Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina and Sarah, I’ve got high hopes for him.  He’s a beast!

Arlie: Of all the contestants, I hated Arlie the most from reading the cast bios.  I still don’t like him because he’s trying so hard to be lovable super fan/mastermind, but I have high hopes for his alliance.  I have a feeling that if the First Five alliance implodes, it will be because Arlie will try to play the game too hard.

Heather: I realized that I know Heather in real life.  She works at this low-budget modeling agency next door to one of the places where I work.   So far she seems to be as vacant as she looks.  I haven’t seen her doing anything of consequence on the feeds.  I suppose that Robyn Kass wanted her to be another Jordan, but Heather isn’t even that interesting.

Ika: Ika has already been targeted as “the pawn,” during Paul’s HOH reign, but she sort of deserved to be put in that position.  She seems to be disagreeable, easily-annoyed and easily-angered.  I don’t know if she’s going to turn into the “angry black woman” stereotype that Robyn Kass casts on these shows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.  Once again, the Kassting Kliché Kompany is operating just as I expected it would.

Jon: I thought that I would hate Jon more than I do.  He’s not so bad, after all.  Sure, he’s a pig, but so is everyone in the house.  It already appears as if it should be condemned.  At the moment, Jon appears to be the secret sixth member of the First Five alliance, and he’s either in the alliance of guys that I hate, as well as being in some sort of Newfie alliance.  I expect that he’ll stick around for a while.

Kenny: Kenny is already being touted as the one-to-beat in the house.  His alliance with Andrew is obvious (yet the First Five seems to still be a secret).  If he’s trying to put the target on Andrew’s back, it could be construed as a good move or it could be perceived as a completely transparent move.  Whether or not he gets near the block for a while is going to be determined by how much he divulges to the other house guests. He’s good at keeping secrets so far, and that bodes well for his game.  I still don’t like his ugly beard.

Kyle: Kyle actually has a decent vocabulary.  Ergo, he’s not dumb, so I have no idea why he’s playing dumb and teaming up with dummies.  Working with a nincompoop like Adel is a bad move.  I need to see more of his diary room sessions to figure him out.

Neda: There’s a five-person girl’s alliance that includes Neda, Ika, Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle.  I believe that Sarah and Sabrina are more committed to the First Five, but it puts them all in a good positions this early in the game.  As I mentioned before, I’m on the fence with this one.  That hasn’t changed because I haven’t really seen enough of her.

Paul: I don’t want to see forty-something house guests who don’t stand a chance in this game.  The Kassting Kliché Kompany has once again provided the viewers with a fat, old sack of crap who is only going to win challenges that are handed to him.  His HOH reign was obnoxious as the power went to his head.  Here’s a game tip for anyone who ever gets on this show: if you win the first HOH, either get rid of the most-annoying person in the house and declare that you’re a “team player,” or go all “Godfather” on the house and take out your competition.  Don’t try to do both.  It rubs everyone the wrong way.

Rachelle: She doesn’t seem to be doing much, but she’s in a good place with her girl’s alliance.  I believe I misjudged her completely.  She needs to worm her way into some of the other alliances and she’ll be in good shape.

Sabrina: She’s already in the best alliance, she’s already had a fight with Adel and she’s already proving to be polarizing with her fellow house guests.  I kind of love her so far!

Sarah: Along with Sabrina, she’s in a plum position.  She might have come across as boring in the beginning, but she’s watched the show and I appreciate the way she’s playing.  Plus, she hates Paul and I love her for that!

What do you think?  Leave me your impression in the comment section.

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More Unfair Judgments About the Big Brother Canada Cast: Part Fourteen

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Excusme  I’ve got some paint to watch dry.

Pros: Isn’t Peter Brown.

Cons: All of them.

First Impression Grade: D.

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More Unfair Judgments About the Big Brother Canada Cast: Part Thirteen

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Just like “America’s Next Top Model,” most BB casts include a requisite plus-sized girl.  Of course, she never really gets near the finale, but that’s just the way it goes on TV.  Unless you’re Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy, casting agents will tell you that prime time audiences don’t want to look at you.

It would really be great to see someone like Sabrina get to the end of the game just because it hasn’t happened before.  I’m not rooting for her in practice, but rather in theory.  She’ll probably change all that when she shows up acting like Teresa Giudice’s long-lost sister.  I guess time will tell.

Pros: Having a makeup artist/hairdresser in the house might be good because many contestants get complacent about their appearance on this show, growing uglier every day on the live feeds.

Cons: Claims that she would have a showmance with Peter Brown.  Gross!

First Impression Grade: B-.

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February 26, 2014 at 5:39 pm

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