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The Lisa Tant Interview

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Lisa Tant

Lisa Tant is the editor-in-chief of Flare Magazine.  I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa for a one-on-one interview.  Expecting Lisa to be cut from the same cloth as Ceri Marsh, I was genuinely surprised when she suggested that we meet at Swiss Chalet instead of the bar I had recommended.  Spending her day off dressed in pigtails and gingham, she’s unnervingly wholesome for a fashion editor.

Anyway, like the crack reporter I am, I gave Lisa the full Barbara Walters-treatment.  In between the laughter, the tears and the Chalet sauce, here’s what she told me.

Auntie Fashion: Your relationship with FASHION Magazine editor-in-chief Ceri Marsh has been compared to the rivalry between Krystle and Alexis on Dynasty.  In which character do you see more of your own personality?

Lisa Tant: I am definitely more like Alexis, but Ceri and I don’t have that kind of relationship at all.  We’re more likely to hug and gossip non-stop when we see each other — no hair pulling or scratching ever.  I think we’re more like Monica and Rachel on Friends.

Auntie Fashion: If Flare was able to secure an exclusive Zob cover, do you imagine that all other fashion magazines would immediately shut down operations?

Lisa Tant: They’d have to.  Who could ever imagine following up that?!  We’d have to shut down until the spawn of Zob was available.  Let’s hope she’d mature in dog years so we could have another blockbuster cover.

Auntie Fashion: With all the extra revenue Flare could generate from a combination Zob cover/thirty-six page layout, the magazine could afford to become the official sponsor of Moose Jaw Fashion Week 2012.  Should I send over the contracts now?

Lisa Tant: Sure. Send us Kalamazoo too.

Auntie Fashion: Elle Canada was featured prominently on Project Runway Canada and FASHION Magazine awarded the winner of Canada’s Next Top Model an editorial spread.  It seems as if Flare has missed the reality show bandwagon.  For that reason, would you consider auditioning for Rock of Love 3?  I’ve heard it’s casting.

Lisa Tant: Those shows are all “faux” reality.  At Flare, we’re only interested in the real-life drama behind the stiletto-bashing fashion scenes.  The real thing is FAR more interesting.  The only reality show I’d agree to being part of at this point is an exposé called the Life of Zob.  I would be happy to be her handmaiden.

Auntie Fashion: I’ve made fashion illustrator Danielle Meder my protege, but I’m getting an All About Eve vibe from her.  Do you worry that  your underlings at Flare might rise up one day and usurp your position?  Should I trust Danielle?

Lisa Tant: Darling, trust her. No one will ever be as fabulous as you . . . ever.

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November 5, 2008 at 6:06 pm

The Ceri Marsh Interview

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Ceri Marsh

Ceri Marsh

Ceri Marsh is the editor in chief of FASHION magazine.  I guess you could say that she’s Canada’s answer to Anna Wintour, only no one has written a scathing roman à clef about her . . . yet!

Ceri graciously submitted to an interview with Auntie Fashion earlier today.  In between margaritas and martinis (we were drinking our way through the alphabet, as is the custom when we go out) I asked Ceri the tough questions that no other reporter has been bold enough to ask.

Auntie Fashion: How is Zob currently influencing the editorial direction of FASHION magazine?

Ceri Marsh: As you can imagine, the team at FASHION considers Zob in everything they do. I can’t tell you how many editorial discussions end with, “Yeah, it’s fabulous, but would Zob like it?” In fact, some of the younger editors congratulate each other on a job well done by exclaiming, “That is so Zob!”

Auntie Fashion: Since I was the last mortal vessel that Zob chose to inhabit, would you consider putting me on the cover of an upcoming issue?

Ceri Marsh: Zob on a cover? Done. My only concern is that FASHION couldn’t afford the kind of international crew a celeb like Zob typically demands. I’ve heard that she’ll only shoot with Craig McDean and demands Pat McGrath and Sam McNight as her makeup and hair team. Come on, we’re the best-read magazine in Canada but we are a Canadian title with modest Canadian budgets…. Mind you, the news stand sales we could expect with a Zob cover would probably compensate for the Zob price tag.

Auntie Fashion: If you had to choose between a weekend in Paris with Jean Paul Gaultier, or a bus trip to Moose Jaw Fashion Week 2012, which would you choose?

Ceri Marsh: A what trip? I only take taxis and I’m afraid of the woods so it would have to be Paris for me. Bounjour, Jean Paul!

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May 10, 2008 at 12:26 am

The Simon Doonan Interview

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Simon Doonan

I had the pleasure of interviewing Simon Doonan about his book “Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You.”  Rather than giving that book the glowing review it so richly deserves here on my blog, I’ve decided to sell my review to a newspaper syndicate.  Auntie Fashion needs a new pair of shoes, and she’s been shopping at Bottega Veneta again.

Nevertheless, I felt terrible leaving my faithful readers out of the loop, so I urged Simon to answer a few questions for my blog, as well.  He graciously consented to my demands, but only after I promised to bear his children.  Men — they’re all the same!

Auntie Fashion: How and when did you first meet Prunella Crudsworth, aka Zob?

Simon Doonan: I first met her right after she was discovered.  She was smoldering with arrogance and self confidence.  “You look great!” I said, wanting her to like me.  “What makes you think I give a flying f**k what you think, you horrible gnome!”  Being insulted by Zob was like being air-kissed by Naomi or Linda. I was high on it for weeks.

Auntie Fashion: Did you immediately know that she was possessed by the spirit of Zob: The essence of fashion itself?

Simon Doonan: Everything about her screamed couture — even when she was huffing glue.

Auntie Fashion: How has knowing Zob changed your life?

Simon Doonan: Knowing Zob has taught me that some people are just more fabulous than others.  Zob is more fabulous than everyone.  Next to her I felt like a creepy weasel turd.

Auntie Fashion: In your book “Eccentric Glamour” you describe three types of eccentrics: The Gypsy, The Socialite and the Existentialist.  Did it blow your mind to see all three types embodied in one fabulous woman at the same time?

Simon Doonan: Totally!  Zob is not a supermodel, she is a giga-model.

Auntie Fashion: With the Zobpocalypse looming, do you have any advice for the style-challenged so that they don’t end up spending the rest of eternity getting spray-on tans, fake boobs and cheap, acrylic hair extensions?

Simon Doonan: Zob may be an egomaniac, and a bitch, but she would never doing anything fake.  Keep it real girls!  Zob it!

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April 16, 2008 at 5:51 am

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