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Tom Ford Reveals Details About New Film

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Tom Ford

After receiving rave reviews from the critics for his directorial debut, fashion designer Tom Ford has announced that his next foray into filmmaking will be a retooling of the 1979 classic “Roller Boogie.”

“I want to make a movie with a lighter hand than ‘A Single Man,'” Ford tells Auntie Fashion.  “It hurts me to know that some people found my first film to be too artistic, and perhaps a little contrived.  For that reason, I feel the need to create something grittier and less maudlin, yet enlightening.”

Turning to the streets for inspiration, Ford is focussing his lens on the burgeoning trend of urban square dancing.  “These kids in the ‘hood who are turning traditional square dancing into the roller skating of our generation — they’re where it’s at.”

But will pushing a fad ahead of it’s time turn into cinematic gold for the rookie director who has been known to disrobe for the press (this time being no exception) while granting interviews?  “I’ve got my finger on the pulse of fashion,” Ford admits, wagging a well-manicured digit in the face of this intrepid reporter.  “This finger right here.  Oh wait a minute — you don’t want to know where that finger has been.  How about this one instead?”

Like the classic film that inspired him to compete in the 1988 Seoul Olympics where square dancing debuted as an official demonstration sport, Ford finds inspiration in “Roller Boogie’s” anti-establishment message.  “You know those kids not only succeeded in taking roller disco to the Olympics, but they also saved the roller rink from the evil land developers.”  With a tear in his eye, Ford adds “It’s like me against Gucci all over again.”


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February 5, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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